Gourmet dinner and trendy restaurant

French gastronomy for personalized events

French gastronomy is now listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and lies at the heart of French culture. An evening in a Parisian restaurant, whether it be gourmet, traditional or "trendy" is an obligatory part of any trip to Paris.

Paris has many gourmet, classic or ultra-modern restaurants which will take you on an outstanding culinary journey as you dine.

PREFERENCE EVENTS PARIS has selected for you a wide range of Michelin starred restaurants, blending magnificent décor and a top quality menu.

Small groups will enjoy great French gastronomy in spectacular settings such as the "Jules Vernes" located on the second floor of the "Eiffel Tower" or Le Grand Véfour" on the place du Palais Royal in Paris!  Other lesser known establishments, led by the talented young chefs of the moment, will also tempt you.

The larger groups (100+ people) will choose a more contemporary setting. A hip Parisian restaurant with décor courtesy of an avant-garde interior designer will welcome your group for a modern and elegant evening. Some of these trendy establishments allow you to prolong your dinner late into the night with a DJ session. 

All bring together an impressive setting and excellent French cuisine or world fusion. 

A convivial and laid-back evening can be arranged in a typically Parisian brasserie (tasting platters of seafood and home-style cooking) or an Alsace experience (for a great choucroute), or in a bistro with traditional décor (Lyon or home-style).

You have understood correctly: You need at least one week in Paris for a complete insight into its restaurants!